How many bloggers, protestors, activists, volunteers, and donations is one carnival barker with a giant megaphone worth?

Republican radio and democracy cannot coexist. Don't give it a free-speech free ride.

You can buy a lot of TV ads with that Koch money, but to sell big lies you have to, as George Bush said, "keep repeating things over and over and over again, for the truth to sink in. You gotta catapult the propaganda."

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting its boots on." old proverb





Using artificial intelligence to monitor talk radio and advertisers - without listening to it

88 universities that support 260 Limbaugh stations


At $1000 for a 1 hour talk radio infomercial, 1200 stations are worth around $5BIL

Talk radio myths and facts

The US Army PSYOPS Manual says radio is a great propaganda tool

Artificial intelligence now makes it very easy to list talk radio advertisers

1) Record

Quicktime, on every Mac, is a basic app for recording audio streams. While playing the stream turn on Quicktime, go to 'File' and 'New Audio Recording'. Turn on the recorder and when you're done save it. With Quicktime it is necessary to have volume on. Other recording apps will allow recording multiple streams at the same time, pre scheduling, and editing.

2) Transcribe

At $5/hr and under, may be the cheapest, quickest, and easiest transcription service. An hour takes minutes and is very accurate. When it's done they send an email with a link to the transcription in their editing program where it can be downloaded or tweaked and corrected on their site as you listen. It can also be stored there. The monthly subscription is $15 but they offer a 30 minutes free trial.

3) Search for "DOT" to identify advertisers

Live recordings of radio streams include advertisements and most announce web sites transcribed as "so-and-so-company dot com". Most advertisers can be found by searching for the word "dot". Sometimes the ads provided phone numbers. The Sonix text editor allows you to highlight and add notes. Each company or quote can get a note that is listed and numbered. The notes can then be copied and pasted elsewhere.

4) Contact

Most websites provide phone numbers and email addresses specifically for contact by potential customers. Complaint emails may get further up the chain of command than a phone call, and there's a lasting written record for employees to pass around. It may also be easier for sympathetic staff to pass on a comment to a boss in email form than personally.

Republican radio myths


MYTH: Republican radio’s primary purpose is to sell product for advertisers.


The advertising pays rent and salaries. Republican radio spreads disinformation and outrage to convince Americans to hate other Americans and to act and vote against their own best interests.


Republican radio’s more profitable purpose is to sell:


  • war

  • global warming denial

  • deregulation- wall street, banking, environmental, media, etc.

  • tax breaks for the 1%

  • privatization of the commons and the public sector

  • excuses, rationalizations, distortions, diversions

  • sycophant Republican politicians

  • unqualified Republican judges

  • lies and distortions used to swiftboat Democrats and liberals, short circuit democracy, and obstruct reforms


MYTH: Republican radio's popularity and success is market-based. Liberal radio fails because no one listens to it and it can’t compete.


When Ronald Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, Republicans bought up hundreds of radio stations and subsidizied talkers like Rush Limbaugh. The Fairness Doctrine would have prevented the levels of unchallenged lying and distortion used so successfully today to create alternative realities and made-to-order constituencies.


One of Republican radio’s early successes was the media deregulation that allowed consolidation of Republican radio ownership to fewer companies/owners.


Liberal radio talkers have shown they can compete on an even playing field and even beat the main Republican talkers. That is why the Republican radio monopoly controls most of the loudest radio stations and works hard to limit direct competition by liberal talkers. Republican radio can’t handle the truth.


The argument that 95% of the people who would listen to talk radio prefer the hate and disinformation that the Republican radio monopoly is using to destroy American democracy is an insult to Americans.

With a 20-1 monopoly, expecting liberal talk radio to compete with conservative talk radio is like expecting the local 'mom and pop' to compete with WallMart.

Why Republican radio is so effective for selling lies and propaganda:



IT'S A MONOPOLY: 95% of political talk radio is Republican. In most parts of the country there are no free alternatives for politics while driving or working. The monopoly actively reduces the radio stations available to liberal and moderate talk show hosts. There is no significant talk radio competition to challenge its messaging dominance. The loudest advocates for free market capitalism hide behind and work for a monopoly.


IT'S LOUD AND IT'S EVERYWHERE: More than 1000 radio stations, including many of the loudest stations in the country. That’s an average of 20 per state, reaching 50 million Americans every week. Talk radio stations may be the only sources for local news, traffic, weather, and sports in an area. They may be the loudest stations in national emergencies.


IT'S COORDINATED: On important issues at critical times, all Republican radio stations will pump out the same talking points as instructed. National and local GOP and related think tanks supply material, topics, and guests coordinated for national and local political objectives. Republican radio’s more visible little brother, Fox ‘News’, also helps coordination.


Rush Limbaugh and other major talkers set the national tone but can also focus considerable attention to a local level when they name names and places and repeat them a few times.


The local talker’s job depends on following the party line. They and their callers reinforce previous messaging from national talkers and can play a significant part in local politics. On a major station, staff and talkers may have close connections to Republican elected officials, like WIS governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee talker Charlie Sykes, as demonstrated in the Reindfleisch emails.


IT DOMINATES MESSAGING IN THE US:  There is no louder buzz machine on the planet. A Democratic president only has the bully pulpit when he’s on it. When 400 talkers reinforce each other with the same talking points and memes from 1000 radio stations they can drown out truth and common sense. And they can keep it going as long as necessary.


IT ENABLES AND PUSHES CORPORATE MEDIA TO PORTRAY THE INTERESTS OF A SMALL MINORITY AS MAINSTREAM: It excuses racism, misogyny, homophobia, and ignorance to make them ‘acceptable’. It enables vast amounts of denial and hypocrisy. Republican radio provides the groundwork repetition for everything Republican.


REPUBLICAN RADIO GETS A FREE SPEECH FREE RIDE: The only significant direct challenge to Republican radio the last 25 years is the ongoing StopRush, FlushRush, and BoycottRush efforts to educate Rush Limbaugh advertisers as to the misogyny and hate they help support.


ITS TALKERS ARE UNCHALLENGED: While liberal talkers encourage opposing viewpoints, Republican talkers seldom take callers that will contradict them. They're paired with call screeners for protection and use speciaalized software to prioritize preferred callers, including paid callers. Since they can't be challenged in real time they're always right, and lies sell better when delivered with unchallenged certitude.


PAID CALLERS are sometimes used to inject rumors, reinforce propaganda, and praise the hosts. 


IT'S PRACTICALLY FREE FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY: Advertisers pay station operating costs and donor-supported think tanks supply much of the propaganda and coordination. The Republican political money advantage in TV advertising is overvalued when compared with their radio advantage.


IT IS ENDORSED BY HUNDREDS OF PUBLICLY FUNDED SCHOOLS:​ Many Republican radio stations broadcast professional, college, and high school sports. The association brings them commmunity credibility and advertising dollars while they attack teachers and public education, and spread global warming denial, racism, and misogyny.


IT'S ALWAYS REPUBLICAN FRIENDLY: The Republican Party and its politicians and organizations expect full support and cooperation from Republican radio talkers. Republican politicians expect major corruption and incompetence to be ignored or excused while Democrats should expect minor mistakes to be distorted and exaggerated.


IT SHORT-CIRCUITS DEMOCRACY WITH ALTERNATE REALITIES: Republican think tanks monitor local and national events and sentiment and combine their radio advantage with PR campaigns to short circuit the fact-based discussions that a democracy depends on for solutions and reform. Long term unchallenged repetition on a national level has distorted important issues and makes fact-based dialogue on climate change, health care, racism, immigration, and gun control practically impossible.


IT CONSTRUCTS AND DIRECTS MADE-TO-ORDER CONSTITUENCIES: Well-timed messaging is used to motivate public outrage, fear, and ‘concern’, largely based on exaggeration, distortion and disinformation. Timing and coordination and volume allow minority Republican radio constituencies to be represented as "popular opinion" (eg. Tea Party). They are used to enable or intimidate politicians and media and push legislation. Republican radio is the loudest political correctness cop and censor-by-threat in the US.


IT BEATS TV, INTERNET, AND OTHER MEDIA FOR SELLING LIES: Other media leave a record that can be examined and challenged and have to at least pretend to present other viewpoints. You can easily turn the channel or the page to find other sources for politics. Corporate media is more significant for what it leaves out, and the internet is still fairly democratic, with many choices. Republican radio is easier than TV to control at a local level.


IT'S ALEC'S BEST FRIEND: The success of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) in electing candidates and passing and stopping legislation on the local level corresponds directly with the rise of Republican radio. So does the record historic rise in political partisanship and gridlock.


IT'S INVISIBLE TO DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS - THEY DON'T LISTEN TO IT: The Democratic Party as well as liberal/progressive/democratic organizations and their supporters are regularly caught by surprise because they evaluate their strategies and the failings of their representatives as if Republican radio doesn’t exist. Most concerned citizens and activists are unaware of how much one radio station can trash their candidates, distort their values, negate their activism, and minimize their protests.


THERE IS NO WRITTEN RECORD OF REPUBLICAN RADIO: Until now there was no way to search, read, and analyze what Republican radio pumps out (see RECORD AND TRANSCRIBE TALK RADIO). Republican politicians and candidates make regular appearances on Republican radio and can say just about anything without fear of fact-checking.


If the GOP would pay $1000 for a 1 hour infomercial:

x 15 hours/day = $15,000/station/day

x 5 days = $75,000/station/week

x 52 weeks =$3.9MIL/station/year

x 1200 stations = $18MIL/DAY

x 5 days/week = $90MIL/WEEK

x 52 weeks  = $4.68BIL/YEAR


paid for by national and local advertisers 

What are are they saying about:


Your representatives and candidates?

Global warming?

Health care?


Energy policy?

Environmental regulation?



Wall street regulation?

Net neutrality?




Supreme court candidates?

Drug policy?

Media reform?

Election reform?

Voter suppression?

Gun control?

Public education?




Republican talk radio depends on publicly funded schools.



The 88 publicly funded universities listed below broadcast sports on 260 radio stations that headline Rush Limbaugh. Many other state funded schools broadcast sports on other Republican radio stations.


In exchange for small licensing fees the radio station uses the school logos and reputation to improve their community credibility and attract advertisers.


The urgency of climate change makes it imperative for those schools to take their mission statements seriously and find apolitical alternatives for broadcasting sports.


For 30 years Republican talk radio has played a significant part in enabling denial by politicians and delaying US action to reduce carbon emissions. Rush Limbaugh and other talkers had a major role in selling the East Anglia email hoax called 'Climategate', that climate scientist Michael Mann says may have delayed climate action for years.


Republican radio stations:

  • push for deregulation and continued subsidization of fossil fuels, including by fracking

  • promote Republican candidates who will increase fossil fuel dependency

  • broadcast guest climate and energy ‘experts’ from think tanks funded by the fossil fuel industry

  • attack advocates and legislation that promote solutions

  • try to intimidate scientists, politicians, and media


Most of the programming on Republican radio stations is inconsistent with the stated goals of our institutions of higher learning and the interests of their students.


Republican radio stations are also used to:

  • attack science and scientists that interfere with corporate deregulation

  • influence elections for university regents and choices for university presidents

  • attack teachers

  • promote strategies used to defund and privatize public education, reduce teacher salaries and benefits, and destroy teacher unions

  • oppose legislation and tax reform that would lower tuition rates

  • make student voting harder

  • excuse sexism, racism, homophobia, ignorance

  • use hate, bigotry, and disinformation to divide communities, elect Republicans, and sell the Republican agenda


Radio licensing revenue is a minor part of overall sports licensing revenues. In 2013/14, a radio station would pay $1500 to Westwood One/Dial Global for a championship NCAA basketball game. How much of that goes to the university? Details of licensing agreements between state funded schools and licensing companies are usually kept confidential, even from school administration.


Our schools need to rework their licensing contracts. If there is a penalty, perhaps donors can be found to make up the difference.

If the Klu Klux Klan bought the radio station your state university broadcasts sports on would it continue to support that station?

Below are 88 universities/colleges that help 260 Rush Limbaugh attack public education and teachers while spreading global warming denial, racism, misogyny, and lies.

The number after the team is the number of Limbaugh stations that university team broadcasts on.

The number after the state is the number of Limbaugh radio stations in those states endorsed by the listed universities.

The $ figure after the state is the value of Republican propaganda those universities endorse in their states if a 1 hour infomercial or advertisement on a radio station cost $1000 x 15 hrs/day x 5 days = $75,000/WEEK.

Total 260 x $75,000 = $19,125,000/WEEK Republican messaging endorsed by these 88 universities.

Air Force 2

Alabama 2

Arizona St. 1

Arizona 1

Arkansas 3

Army 1

Auburn 3

Baylor 1

Boise St. 4

Boston College 1

Bowling Green 1

Central Florida 1

Clemson 2

Colorado 1

Colorado State 1

Connecticut 1

Dayton 1

Duke 3

East Carolina 2

Florida 10

Florida St. 4

Fresno St.

Georgia 7

Georgia Southern 2

Georgia Tech 5

Idaho 3

Illinois 7

Indiana 1

Iowa 4

Iowa St. 1

Kansas 1

Kansas St. 2

Kentucky 1

La.-Monroe 1

Louisville 2


Marshall 1

Maryland 2

Memphis 3

Miami 2

Michigan 7

Michigan St. 11

Minnesota 4

Mississippi 2

Mississippi St. 3

Missouri 6

Nebraska 6

Nevada 1

New Mexico 2

New Mexico St. 1

North Carolina 8

North Carolina State 3

Notre Dame 6

Ohio St. 6

Oklahoma 1

Oklahoma St. 3

Oral Roberts

Oregon 5

Oregon St. 7

Penn St. 11

Pittsburgh 2

Purdue 4

Rutgers 1

San Jose State 2

Seton Hall 1

South Carolina 2

South Florida 2

Southern Miss 1

Southern Alabama 2

Syracuse 6


Temple 1

Tennessee 4

Texas 1

Texas A&M 9

Texas Tech 4

Toledo 1

Troy 1



Utah St. 1

Virginia 1

Virginia Tech 5

West Virginia 1

Western Michigan 1

Washington 5

Washington St. 1

Wichita St. 1

Wisconsin 5

Xavier 1



Here’s what the US Army Psyops Manual says about using radio for propaganda (Psychological Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures 12/2003 - available online):


Repetition is necessary for oral learning; therefore, key themes, phrases, or slogans should be repeated to ensure the TA (target audience) gets the desired message.


Talk radio is much better than TV, print, and internet for doing just that.


According to the PSYOPS manual, advantages of radio include:


Emotional Power: A skilled radio announcer can exert tremendous influence on the listener simply with pitch, resonance, inflection, or timing. and The emotional tone conveyed by the voice may influence the listener more than the logic of arguments.


Or, as Limbaugh would call it, "talent on loan from god".


Wide coverage: Radio programs can reach members of large and varied audiences simultaneously.  and Since radio can reach mass TAs quickly, radio is useful for all types of PSYOPs.


Speed: Radio programs can be quickly prepared for broadcast. Speed is important when attempting to capitalize on targets of opportunity.


Perfect for spinning and distorting breaking news.


Ease of perception: Radio requires little or no effort to visualize the radio message. Illiteracy does not prevent the listener from forming his individual image as he listens.



As elections approach, friendly interviews with Republican candidates, their aides, and think tank-sponsored guests become more common on Republican radio. They can say just about anything they want because Democrats and liberals don’t listen.


Talk radio is free advertising for the Republican Party and they feel comfortable saying things they wouldn’t on other media. Their radio appearances will provide more examples of ignorance, bigotry, and lies, which can be useful in advertising, letters to the editor, and debates.

Applications are available which allow you to schedule your computer to simultaneously record multiple radio streams.


Improvements in transcription software and reduction in prices of transcription services make it possible to get a good idea of what they’re saying and how often they’re saying it, without the pain of actually listening to it.


With a basic text application the transcriptions can be searched for points of interest. When the name of a Democratic candidate appears it is likely that she is being lied about and attacked with direction from local or national GOP-friendly think tanks.


Original recordings can be used for verification.

CONTACT     republiconradio @

ALABAMA 8 $600,000 Auburn 3, Alabama 2, Southern Alabama 2, Troy 1

ARIZONA 1 $75,000 Arizona St. 1

ARKANSAS 3 $225,000 Arkansas 3

CALIFORNIA 5 $375,000 San Jose State 2, USC 2, Fresno St. 1

COLORADO 4 $225,000 Air Force 2, Colorado 1, Colorado State 1

CONNECTICUT 1 $75,000 Connecticut 1

FLORIDA 20 $1,500,000 Florida 10, Florida St. 4 Miami 2, South Florida 2, Central Florida 2

GEORGIA 14 $1,050,000 Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 5, Georgia Southern 2

IDAHO 7 $525,000 Boise St. 4, Idaho 3

ILLINOIS 7 $525,000 Illinois 7

INDIANA 11 $825,000 Notre Dame 6, Purdue 4, Indiana 1

IOWA 5 $375,000 Iowa 4, Iowa St. 1

KANSAS 4 $300,000 Kansas St. 2, Kansas 1, Wichita St. 1

KENTUCKY 3 $225,000 Louisville 2, Kentucky 1

LOUSIANA 3 $225,000 LSU 2, La.-Monroe 1

MARYLAND 2 $150,000 Maryland 2

MASSACHUSETTS 1 $75,000 Boston College 1

MICHIGAN 19 $1,425,000 Michigan St. 11, Michigan 7, Western Michigan 1

MINNESOTA 4 $300,000 Minnesota 4

MISSISSIPPI 6 $450,000 Mississippi St. 3, Mississippi 2, Southern Miss 1

MISSOURI 6 $450,000 Missouri 6

NEBRASKA 6 $450,000 Nebraska 6

NEVADA 1 $75,000 Nevada 1

NEW JERSEY 2 $150,000 Rutgers 1, Seton Hall 1

NEW MEXICO 3 $225,000 New Mexico 2, New Mexico St. 1

NEW YORK 7 $525,000 Syracuse 6, Army 1

NORTH CAROLINA 16 $1,200,000 North Carolina 8, North Carolina State 3, Duke 3, East Carolina 2

OHIO 10 $750,000 Ohio St. 6, Toledo 1, Dayton 1, Bowling Green 1, Xavier 1

OKLAHOMA 5 $375,000 Oklahoma St. 3, Oklahoma 1, Oral Roberts 1

OREGON 12 $900,000 Oregon St. 7, Oregon 5

PENNSYLVANIA 14 $1,050,000 Penn St. 11, Pittsburgh 2, Temple 1

SOUTH CAROLINA 4 $300,000 South Carolina 2, Clemson 2

TENNESSEE 7 $525,000 Tennessee 4, Memphis 3

TEXAS 16 $1,200,000 Texas A&M 9, Texas Tech 4, Texas 1, Texas Christian 1, Baylor 1

UTAH 1 $75,000 Utah St. 1

VIRGINIA 6 $450,000 Virginia Tech 5, Virginia 1

WASHINGTON 6 $450,000 Washington 5, Washington St. 1

WEST VIRGINIA 2 $150,000 West Virginia 1, Marshall 1

WISCONSIN 3 $225,000 Wisconsin 3